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2.2.5 Update

  • Webphone:
    • Added a ‘Copy’ button for phone numbers and contact names across the whole app.
    • Increased the limit of displayed phonebooks in the drop-down list from 4 to 10 items without scrolling.
    • When searching for contacts, a search filter is now displayed. You can clear the search with a single click.
    • When creating a new CRM contact, the cursor will automatically move to an empty text field.
    • The keypad screen is now universal for both single and two simultaneous calls. 
    • Buttons on the ‘Call first’ transfer screen now look the same as on other screens. A "Record" button has also been added.
    • New view of an outgoing call (not yet answered) and an incoming call at the same time.
  • ‘Call parking’ PBX object:
    • Now, if you call a parking slot directly, the system won't tell you which slot you've called, because you already know that.

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