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Manual Configuration of Polycom IP Handsets

In this tutorial we will configure a Polycom handset, to a SIP device assigned to a User object inside your PBX portal. 

Login to your PBX customer portal, click on the SIP devices tab and locate the device you want to configure. 

Locate the IP address of the handset or device by looking through the menu for the status section and then the network status.

Once you have located the IP address enter this into your web browser and enter the default password which is 456 or your own if you have set a custom password.

Click on the settings tab and then the SIP menu from the drop down list. Change the local SIP port to a 4 digit number above 5061 like in the example below. Please note if you have multiple Polycom devices on the same network make sure that the local SIP port is different for each device.


The next step is to enter the SIP server address from your PBX portal into the address field of the 'server 1' tab and also change the port to the port specified in your SIP device details, additionally change the expiry from 3600 to 120. 

Once you have successfully changed the SIP settings, click on the settings tab again and select lines from the drop down list. 

You will then see a screen similar to the one below. Enter in a display name of your choice this will be displayed in the handset screen. Enter the SIP device login ID from your PBX portal to the address and user ID field of the identification tab and the authentication tab.

Enter the same name in the label field as the display name. Make sure you select disable on the use login credentials option inside the authentication tab and enter the SIP server address from your PBX portal, for the address and change the port to the port specified in your SIP device details. Edit the expiry time from 3600 to 120.

Finally enter the password from your PBX portal SIP device information screen to the password field inside the authentication tab.

Depending on the firmware of your handset you may also see a screen similar to below that looks slightly different. For this type of firmware there is no authentication tab this is incorporated in the identification tab. So make sure that the SIP login ID goes in the user ID and the password in the authentication password field as shown below. 


Once you have entered all of your account settings click the save button and your phone should now be registered. It will most likely reboot the handset so allow a few minutes for this process to complete. 


Finally don't forget to Apply the Configuration before attempting to register a handset. If you have forgotten wait 15 minutes and retry. Should you require any additional help contact our support team. 

[[title=Manual Configuration of Polycom IP Handsets]]
[[description=In this tutorial we will configure a Polycom handset, to a SIP device assigned to a User object inside your PBX portal.]]

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