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PBX SIP Device Xlite for Desktop Configuration


Navigate to and select your required operating system from the desktop links. 

Once downloaded follow the on screen prompts to install the software, once installed you will need to configure the SIP Device before your softphone is functional. In order to configure this you will need the SIP device details from your customer portal.

Login to your customer portal and select the PBX tab, then open the 'SIP Devices' tab in the bottom left.


Locate the device you wish to configure in the SIP Devices panel, and you should find details such as, Login ID, Registration Domain, Password and Port number.

Now in Xlite, click on the soft phone tab in the top left and then on Account Settings. 


Locate the SIP device details from your PBX portal and enter them into the Xlite application. 

Domain: SIP server stated in your SIP devices section of PBX. Use the : followed by the port number. (example below)
User ID: SIP login stated in your SIP devices section of PBX.
Authorization name:  SIP login stated in your SIP devices section of PBX.
Password: SIP password stated in your SIP devices section of PBX.

Next click on the voicemail tab and deselect the ‘check for voicemail’ option.

Then select topology and set the STUN server to and change the range of ports for signalling to a figure above 5061. If you have multiple soft phones on the same network, make sure that the signalling ports are different for each user.

Select the transport and change the signalling transport to TCP.

Finally change the re-registration time to 120 from 3600.


Finally don't forget to Apply the Configuration before attempting to register a softphone application. If you have forgotten wait 15 minutes and retry. Should you require any additional help contact our support team. 

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