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Pre-Paid vs Post-Paid accounts


There are two types of billing accounts supported, Pre-Paid and Post-Paid. By default all accounts are on Pre-Paid billing terms, and if a Post-Paid billing is required you will need to send a request to our Service Desk. 

You will have the ability to check the billing type from your customer portal under the 'billing' tab. 

With a Pre-Paid billing, your account balance MUST have a positive balance on it in order for services to remain in an active state. If your account balance drops into a negative balance, inbound and outbound calls will NOT work and you will need to top up your account balance. As soon as your account is topped up you will receive a tax invoice. 

With a Post-Paid billing you will have a credit limit assigned to your customer billing account based on the security deposit that is requested. You will receive a tax invoice on the 1st of each month for the previous months subscriptions and usage with 14 day payment terms. 

Converting your billing from Pre-Paid to Post-Paid will require a refundable security deposit so we can assign your account a line of credit. The security deposit requested will be determined based on your monthly service and call charges. To make the switch to Pre-Paid you will need to send a request to our Service Desk, for the security deposit invoice to be raised and once paid your account to be updated and the credit limit assigned to your account. 


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