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PBX TLS/SRTP Encryption Setup MicroSIP for Windows


 is designed to provide you with secure real time encrypted Voice media traffic, confidentiality and authentication. SRTP will prevent the calls from malicious attack such as Eavesdropping. 

In-order to subscribe to this feature, please contact our support team and request for TLS support to be enabled on your customer account.

Once our support department has confirmed you have TLS enabled on your account you will see that your standard port number has been updated to 7061. Next follow the MicroSIP softphone configuration as normal, updating the port number to 7061 and transport protocol to TLS. 


Once you have set the port number and transport mode in the account settings of your MicroSIP softphone, ensure that you change the Media Encryption to Mandatory.


The final stage is to update the list of enabled codecs, navigate to the account settings and remove G722 from the enable codecs, leaving only G729, G711 a-law and G711 u-law available.


Now test a few calls and ensure you have 2 way audio communication, if not feel free to contact our support team for assistance. 

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