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Call Queue Statistical Reporting


Queue statistic reports allow you to see the volume of calls that you have received on your queues. You can see how many calls have come in over a time period, how many were answered, and how many either timed out or were abandoned by the caller.

You can specify the date range for which you wish to see statistics.


If you have multiple queues, you can also filter by individual queues. You can filter by inbound numbers as well, if you have multiple inbound numbers.


There are four statistics for each (or all) queue that need to be considered:

1. Total calls: The total amount of calls that came to that queue or queues during the specified time period.

2. Answered calls: The total amount of calls that were answered by a user in the queue or queues during the specified time period.

3. Abandoned calls: The total amount of calls where the caller hung up before it was answered or timed out.

4. Timed out calls: The total number of calls that were not answered before reaching the queue max wait time

In addition to the bar graph above, you can also see a doughnut chart breakdown of the amount of time normally taken to answer calls. 


As with other reports, this can be exported to a PDF. The PDF will contain the bar graph, but not the doughnut graph.



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