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Outbound Call Reporting


Outbound Calls by Dialed number will allow you to see reports based on the Outbound call destinations, calls made by a particular sub-account, to particular area. The data displayed, based on the filtered selection of your choice, will allow you to analyse call duration, cost and quantity of calls. 

To filter all outbound calls made by all your users using a specific caller ID, select the outbound caller ID drop down window, then select the number of matching prefix digits you would like to display. This will then return the destinations your users have been calling using your filtered caller ID.


To filter all outbound calls made by a specific user you will need to use the account code drop down window. Select the users sub-account number and filter the report by clicking the apply filter button. This is useful if you want to monitor the performance of your users that are making outbound calling campaigns. 


Lastly, should you wish to save the filtered report as PDF or CSV file, select the Save Report button located in the top right corner of the filter menu. 





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