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Are hosted PBX features up to date?


Do you have bespoke requirements? Tell us your feature set requirements today!

We are living in exciting times where technology is central to the way we connect both for business or pleasure. Yet the rate change of technology is rapid, that yesterday’s cutting-edge innovations become obsolete today. This disruptive nature of technology, especially in IT and Telecommunications, means that you need a service provider that understands the importance of innovation to achieving your business objectives.

At VoIPLine Telecom, new products and features are released regularly. In the last quarter of 2018 we deployed vast amounts of unique features, and software upgrades that give our customers the power, autonomy and control they desire over the way their calls are routed in their organization. Products such as Call Queuing Live Call Wallboard, Call Parking and Central Directories are some of the features that were released in the last quarter of 2018 alone, at no extra charge to the consumer.

We do not just introduce new features for technology sake; we adopt an open innovation model where we listen to our customers and encourage them to deliver their requirements to us, in regards to the sort of new product features they would like to see in their cloud-hosted PBX. Then our developers dive into the tech lab to bring it to reality. During the research and development phase, these prototypes are rigorously tested in-house and via some selected customers, to see if any improvements could be added. Improvements continue after product launch through scheduled software updates to ensure that we are leading the way in the cloud-based telephony landscape. 

Our Feature Request Form is available online, to all customers, via the link below. This is a simple process that will allow you to supply your feedback on the features you feel the service is missing, or possibly the improvements that are possible with the feature set currently deployed. Once the form has been completed and sent through to our support department, relax and watch your new feature come to life.


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[[description=Learn more about how VoIPLine Telecom keeps its Hosted PBX features up to date and how you can request a new feature you would like to have!]]

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