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Why is it so important to have a toll-free number for your company?


Toll-Free numbers keep playing an essential role in the customer service-based businesses operations. Demand remains on an upward trend, which you can see from the annual growth rate in the number of Toll-Free DIDs, which is more than 10% since last year. 

This kind of popularity has its reasons: people can call these numbers without any charges from anywhere within the country. A toll-free number makes your business look like a nation- or worldwide one. No matter where you’re based, your customers can quickly contact your company. This factor is vital for a customer service-based business. Giving customers free of charge and a convenient way to contact you is an excellent way to achieve brand loyalty. 

In addition to customer convenience, having a toll-free number gives you a big-business look. Even if your company is small and there are only two employees (or even one), the response rate to a toll-free number is still much higher than to a local number.

Another benefit of having a Toll-Free number is the fact that they tend to be easy to remember. Some providers even offer custom numbers: you can purchase something like 0800-FLIGHTS, which can be a useful built-in marketing tool. It doesn’t always have to spell specific words; it may be just an easy-to-remember number: potential clients will still have it on their minds. 

0800 numbers are also called – non-geographical numbers because they are not linked to any location and can be dialled nationwide. You can keep this number if you move office or you can port it to any other carrier of your choice in the future. 

Phone number is one vital asset of any business, especially customer service-based business.


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