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How to choose a good VoIP provider


Thinking of switching your business to VoIP? Here are some tips for you:


People often look at the price first and pick a provider offering the lowest rates. It may seem like a good thing to save money on communication expenses, but price should not be the priority when choosing a VoIP carrier. You need to take into account your needs and find some providers and service plans which meet them the most efficient way, and then compare the prices. Check if the service provider offers any up-time guarantees, service level agreement, rebates for outages.


Decent quality of the service is the essential criteria in this situation. You can check it in advance by reading customer reviews on Google or other independent sources. However, you need to keep in mind that the quality of VoIP highly depends on the quality of Internet connection as well as the location of the VoIP servers. Make sure you chose a VoIP provider who has local server infrastructure.

Test the service

Reading about a specific service or company providing it may have a lot of benefits, though the best way to see if it suits your needs is to test it. Try to find companies which offer a free trial period to check the service.

Service plans

There are a lot of service plans on the VoIP market to choose from. They include call plans with unlimited local, national or international calls; pay as you go plans, service plans with built-in features or even custom plans created specifically for you. You need to choose a plan, which will meet your requirements the most effective way, find out if they have any special terms/conditions that may limit the use of unlimited plans, for example.


Good VoIP providers offer many different features like call diversion, call recording, conference call, call parking, voicemail, voice menu, call queue, etc. Make sure the VoIP carrier provides the features you need and that interface where you can configure all of those is easy to use and understand. 


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