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What is PBX and why using cloud-hosted PBX will save you money?


Convenient tool for organising day-to-day communications within and outside the business

Have you ever had to press a specific number to proceed to the needed option when calling your favourite pizza delivery place or your Internet provider to tell them that your connection is down? If so, you have already interacted with the PBX. Nowadays, businesses need to have a good and convenient way of communication with customers, suppliers, resellers, etc. PBX system makes it much more comfortable and cheaper for firms to handle both external and internal calls. It allows the productive structure of distributing the calls between staff members, accumulating the information about customers, taking messages after hours and many other options.

Hosted PBX

Despite all the benefits described above, it’s not always worth to implement your system for your company. Hiring IT specialists to create and maintain a PBX system may be quite pricey, let alone other costs. In this case, the most cost-effective solution will be to use already designed and hosted PBX system, where you can set up the call flow the way it meets all the needs of your company. Ideally, it should be user-friendly and include various features to organise the calls precisely the way you want. No need to pay for the PBX equipment, maintenance costs, installation, upgrades. You can even use existing internet data cabling to connect phones to the same cables as computers.

No additional spending on the hardware

Another advantage of this system is that having equipment is not necessary. You can use software to make and receive calls from your PC or smartphone, which makes you able to pick up a call far away from your office or a workplace, you need to install an app.

Though, it is understandable that a lot of business do use phones as it’s a more convenient way of using the system for them. In this case, you can use any VoIP compatible phone, for example, a famous Yealink brand.

Integration with other communication systems

Already have a phone system, which needs to be linked to the PBX? It can be done too. You can integrate your existing phone system with our Hosted solution via VoIP - SIP trunk to have the best of both options. Also, it allows implementing some PBX features to your existing system, like forward a call to a specific agent, queue or voicemail when the SIP trunk is down.  


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[[description=Learn more about what is Hosted PBX and how it can help to grow your business and save a lot of money. What are the benefits of having a VoIP Telephony?]]



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