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Why is hosted PBX the best solution for small business


The structure and operation of businesses these days are very different from the companies of a few decades ago. Technologies have surfaced that have forever changed the way businesses operate.

Many recent technologies have made it easier for small businesses to boost their services and performance, allowing them to "punch above their weight" while not having to "pay over their means". Hosted private brand exchange (Hosted PBX) is one of these technologies. It offers businesses the prospect to enhance their communications in a manner that's in keeping with the changing business environment.

Detailing Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based technology that has changed the way we work. Flexibility has become a priority of the present-day worker, and cloud systems have allowed for this flexibility while not compromising the quality of work or effectiveness of staff within the workplace.

Hosted PBX systems allow businesses the chance to utilise advanced telephone systems without a requirement for other on-premises telephone infrastructure. Workers are given the capability to work from remote locations or their cell phones while still being contactable via the one phone number.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Organisations can experience the benefits of a hosted PBX through any number of the following ways:

  1. Cost: Any business needs to lower its operating costs. The cost of a Hosted PBX system is typically the primary advantage when comparing it to a traditional phone system. Not having to buy and maintain extra physical hardware and the general lower operating costs for a hosted PBX system is transferred to you as the end business.
  2. Local Connection: Another helpful attribute of a hosted PBX is the ability to operate globally. Business can work in a city in which they are not physically present. This enables a virtual workplace that spans multiple cities and countries. This will allow your business footprint to be much larger than usual.
  3. Professionalism: Hosted PBX systems incorporate call management features which help give the impression that your business is bigger and more established than you may be. For example, an inbound caller can be routed to a voice menu which streams the call to different departments. The inbound call may also be listening to product and company advertising while waiting to be picked up by staff.
  4. Voice Over IP (VoIP): Hosted PBX systems are VoIP systems. VoIP eliminates the requirement for a physical telephone. While there are physical VoIP capable phones which can be used with this service, many businesses prefer to use softphones (software-based phones). These softphones can be installed on a desktop, laptop, and even a mobile phone to provide unified communication with the flexibility of being able to work while mobile. 
  5. Scalability: The number of users in your business will naturally fluctuate over time. With Hosted PBX services, there is no pressure to buy a range of phones and phone lines from your provider. You can scale the user base within the management portal as needed. Customer portals provide you with the capability to make these changes quickly and easily.
  6. Up to date: Because the infrastructure is owned and operated by the service provider, it is incumbent on the service provider to ensure the system and services are up to date. Your business does not need to worry about paying for and maintaining systems outside your core business. The service provider already specialises in dealing with these systems and will keep them operational and up to date with new features for the changing business landscape.  

All the above advantages, along with the way hosted PBX systems meet a business's need to leverage technology in a transformative way, make it a viable communications solution for nearly all small to medium-sized companies.


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