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Microsoft Teams Powershell Troubleshooting

Setting up Microsoft Teams users requires the use of Powershell. If you run into issues running some of the commands required to set up Microsoft Teams users, please follow the guide below, which will outline the common errors. 

Command not recognised

If the command you're inputting has not being recognised, please double and triple check the command. The slightest spelling mistake will cause a command to fail and result in an error message being displayed. 

Please also ensure that the Skype for Business Powershell module is installed and that you're connected to your Microsoft 365 tenant via Powershell as a Global Administrator.

Installing the Skype for Business Powershell module

The Skype for Business Powershell module is required for Microsoft Teams setup. Without this, many of the commands needed to set up Microsoft Teams will not be recognised by Powershell.

You can download the module from the link

When the module has successfully been installed, it can be imported into Powershell using the command below. 

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector

This will need to be done on every computer you intend to run Powershell command from. If you get an error that the file cannot be loaded because running scripts is disabled, you can use the command below to remove that restriction.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted


Domain not configured for this tenant 

This means that the domain has not been activated for use. You can verify this by running the command below. 

Get-CsTenant | fl Tenantid,Domain*

The output will show a list of domains and DomainUrlMap. If the domain has been successfully activated, it will appear on BOTH of these lines. If the domain has NOT been activated, check that a user has been created under the domain WITH a license. If the user was not licensed or was not created the domain will NOT be activated. 


Please add this device to a user error

You may find this error appearing when making outbound calls from Microsoft Teams. If it does, the first thing to check is that the Microsoft Teams account has been added to a user object on the PBX page of the VoIPcloud web portal, and the configuration applied.

If the issue persists, please ensure that the user has been set up correctly through Powershell. To check the user details, please run

get-csonlineuser -identity "Teams username" | fl userprincipalname, onpremlineuri, enterprisevoiceenabled, voicepolicy, teamsupgradeeffectivemode

This should output an email address, phone number, and a few other settings. Please check the following. 

OnPremLineUri matches the phone number on the VoIPcloud portal for this user, as seen on the Microsoft Teams page under Order services.

should be set to true

VoicePolicy must be HybridVoice

TeamsUpgradeEffectiveMode should be Islands or Teams Only


If the VoicePolicy is not HybridVoice, please check if calling plan has been assigned to the given user. Note that our service is not compatible with the Microsoft calling plan. That will need to be removed via the Microsoft 365 admin portal

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

The nature of this error is unclear, but if the error occurs using the set-user command to configure a Teams account, a workaround is to enable the HostedVoiceMail parameter for this user temporarily. So if you run.

Set-CsUser -identity "Teams username" -HostedVoiceMail $true

That should allow you to then run the original Set-CsUser command as defined in our Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business account activation guide.

If hosted voicemail is already enabled, setting it to false and then true again will suffice for working around this issue. Should you require any assistance feel free to contact our support department by phone, email or online chat. 

[[title=Microsoft Teams Powershell Troubleshooting]]
[[description=Setting up Microsoft Teams users requires the use of Powershell. If you run into issues running some of the commands required to set up Microsoft Teams users, please follow the guide below, which will outline the common errors.]]

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