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What is a cloud-hosted PBX solution?


When you mix business communications, mobility and also the cloud, one fantastic thing happens: borders disappear, barriers collapse, costs drop, and productivity rises. It's happening nowadays at businesses around the globe through the ability of cloud communications. If this seems like the type of business you would like, it's time to move your voice, collaboration and client service to the cloud.

Cloud Hosted PBX: what's It?

Cloud PBX. IP telecommunications. Virtual office phone system. There are plenty of names for this technology in telecommunications technology. A cloud-hosted PBX is simply sorting of a high-end, on-premises PBX — only the infrastructure and hardware that makes it work are served by a cloud-hosted PBX service supplier like VoIPLine Telecom.

What's its essence?

To understand cloud-based VoIP service, you've got to begin by understanding the cloud. You've most likely faced the cloud before — the cloud is simply a network of servers, every selected to perform a particular operation or a set of functions. If you've ever used email or any social media, you've used the cloud. Once the info is stored somewhere apart from a physical device, it's kept within the cloud.

What can it do?

Cloud technology may also give on-line services. Within the application of a cloud-based telephone system, your day-after-day business communications are handled remotely by secure servers. Which means you don't need to worry concerning any physical instrumentation or hardware. VoIPLine Telecom's cloud-hosted PBX provides you with the liberty to grow at your own pace. As a VoIP cloud supplier, we tend to watch out of the infrastructure — and you're free to use the maximum amount or as very little as you would like.

How does it work?

It works by changing analogue voice signals to digital packets; thus, voice traffic runs on an equivalent high-speed network as your current information and web traffic. And since today's cloud servers are unbelievably quick, extremely redundant and use advanced cryptography, voice and information traffic are reliable, crystal clear and secure. A cloud-hosted PBX solution is simply what your business desires.


You get access to a slew of distinctive options and functions with a cloud-based phone system — capabilities antecedence unobtainable and impossible to traditional phone systems. With cloud technology, your business telephone system will go even further. Which means it will take your business far ahead. A cloud-hosted PBX offers you complete communication integration — that means that you get all the powerful tools a modern company would like. VoIPLine Telecom's cloud service includes:

  • Call transfer
  • CallerID routing
  • Voice menu
  • Call recording
  • User performance reports

Benefits of the cloud

Cloud-based VoIP service offers businesses of any size, and with any budget, an equivalent outstanding capability antecedence offered ultimately to giant companies. A cloud-hosted PBX solution provides your company with the tools it must gain a competitive edge for a fixed, monthly cost it can afford:

- Economise with cloud-hosted PBX. Get an equivalent excellent voice quality and options you've come back to expect out of a communications and collaboration system without the hardware and maintenance costs — just a predictable, low, fixed monthly price.

- Client experience tools. Facilitate your business to deliver exceptional client service on each call with a cloud-based call centre solution. Plus, make the most of unlimited measurability, seamless quality and integrated technology that brings business communications and business intelligence along.

- Support BYOD together with your cloud-based VoIP answer. With a lot of flexible work arrangements and a lot of powerful electronics offered to the overall public, users have gotten additional and a lot of insistent on using their own devices at work.

- Merely manage telephone system integration across multiple locations. Once upgrades happen, they happen everywhere at the same time. Maintenance is outsourced to the cloud-hosted PBX supplier, and much fewer resources are required to know and use systems across the business.

- Create a cloud-enabled workforce. With a cloud-based VoIP telephone system, your business will turn your communications into a competitive advantage that drives productivity and delivers exceptional client expertise.   


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[[description=Cloud PBX. IP telecommunications. Virtual office phone system. There are plenty of names for this technology — what is cloud-hosted PBX?]]



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