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Expand your business with international toll-free numbers


International toll-free numbers are numbers that allow your customers to call your business all over the world while not being charged. Rather than the calling party paying a fee, a firm with a toll-free number is charged for using a toll-free number from the provider. International toll-free numbers exist in numerous forms, however, are often known by a dialling prefix attributed to a geographical area code or a given location.

Service options of international toll-free numbers

When selecting a world toll-free number, it's essential to take into account an organisation that provides quality services and packages. Here are a couple of options that ought to be offered once selecting a supplier of your ITFS:

  • Free number forwarding to anyplace within the world.
  • Downloadable call detail records.
  • Transfer your existing toll-free number.
  • Online account management that you'll be able to manage at your convenience continuously.
  • Quality client service.

Advanced telephony options might include:

  • Call Transfer
  • Custom caller ID
  • Call diversion
  • CallerID routing
  • Queue
  • Voice menu
  • Call recording
  • Call blocking

Expand your market with a world toll-free number service

Getting a world toll-free number will expand your business by helping your overseas clients or customers keep in touch. They can plan to order what they require and the way they need it only by one dial, and so increase your sales.

In your advertising campaigns, it's also suggested that you use international toll-free numbers to enhance your possibilities of getting the next response rate. Recently, analysis has shown that ads that include a toll-free number receives concerning half-hour higher response than those without it. An excellent international toll-free number actualises instant status by boosting your brand. It also provides a pro image. 

International toll-free numbers will boost your revenue by minimising missed leads and providing further channels to achieve additional customers and close other sales. 

A significant advantage of using international toll-free numbers is that you own it, and it remains yours to stay. This suggests that you just are not restricted to one supplier; your number is mobile. You'll be able to take it with you wherever you go. Forget about setting up offices everywhere the planet. Relying upon the nature of your business, you may not even need a workplace to work!   


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[[title=Expand your business with international toll-free numbers | VoIPLine Telecom New Zealand]]
[[description=International toll-free numbers are numbers that allow your customers to call your business all over the world while not being charged. Learn more!]]



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