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What's the difference between hosted PBX and PSTN?


Despite new technologies like email, SMS and video-calling being introduced, voice communication remains the quickest and most reliable way to communicate. But, these days, voice communications – or phone calls – may be created in numerous ways.

Traditionally, calls were made using the general Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It's created of telephone lines, fiber-optic cables, microwave transmission links, satellites and submarine cables. In essence, it’s an enormous network that enables you to make calls to primarily anyplace within the world.

Of course, there’s another, comparatively new international network on the block. That network is the web. And, since web property became adequate to support voice communications, Hosted PBX (Hosted Private Branch Exchange) technology has been used as another to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Hosted PBX vs PSTN

The PSTN was definitely an amazing innovation in its day. It’s because of the PSTN that businesses and people were initial able to create calls to overseas destinations, making international trade easier. However, the PSTN could be a hodgepodge of various technologies and networks, all closely-held and operated by completely different non-public and public establishments.

Hosted PBX uses the web to eliminate the requirement for businesses to buy and maintain their own telecom infrastructure. By delivering everything needed to run a good business phone solution over the web, a good hosted telecom solution will:

  • Reduce hardware, installation and maintenance costs – A cloud telephone system can economize at the start and throughout the solution’s lifetime.
  • Be properly supported and extremely reliable – a good hosted communication system provider can give professional support to make sure your solution works because it ought to and that any problems are resolved quickly.
  • Minimize employment – as a result of your hosted telephone system are going to be maintained by external consultants, your in-house technical team are going to be freed up to work on priority projects.
  • Allows multi-site deployment – your cloud telephone system isn't physically situated anyplace, which suggests it may be used in multiple locations with none issues – guaranteeing consistency of method across your business.
  • Give you immediate access to new options – a good cloud telephone supplier can make sure that you get pleasure from any updates and new options supported by your solution as shortly as obtainable} available.

This is why businesses trying to remain ahead of the curve might want to think about Hosted PBX sooner rather than later. Although change may be alarming, moving to a Hosted PBX solution really confers several business edges. These include:


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[[title=What's the difference between hosted PBX and PSTN?]]
[[description=Since web property became adequate to support voice communications, Hosted PBX technology has been used as another to the PSTN — learn why.]]


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