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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


We are glad to announce that from today you can connect Microsoft Teams to our hosted mPBX system and make or receive phone calls right via Microsoft Teams using a feature called Teams direct routing!


If you haven't heard about Teams, below is a brief description:

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and productive. With the help of Microsoft Teams, you can unite in work by groups. All teams can communicate through a modern application on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android - a full cross-platform. You can share any types of files and work with your team at the same time in Microsoft 365 in apps such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can connect a lot of 3rd party apps right into Microsoft Teams and work fully with the team, not going to different websites. Overall, it's a great product from Microsoft, which aims to increase your productivity and business efficiency!


The only problem is that by default, you can not make or receive regular phone calls via Teams. Solution: Microsoft Teams direct routing! VoIPLine Telecom is registered with Microsoft as Cloud Solutions Provider and offers service called "Direct routing" that allows MS Teams users to make and receive phone calls. Also, along with Microsoft Teams direct routing, you get absolutely all features of hosted mPBX from VoIPLine Telecom such as call recording, voice menu, voicemail to email, callerID based routing, time conditions, user performance reports and much more! We've fully integrated our hosted mPBX system with Microsoft Teams.

VoIPLine Telecom's web portal allows you to use our block diagram style drag & drop interface to configure complex call flow scenarios without any technical skills. You draw up a diagram of how you want your calls handled, and it is instantly provisioned on our servers.


Microsoft Teams is not just a software-based product. You can get business-grade desk phones with Teams firmware and use it more traditionally but with all the bells and whistles of new unified communication technology. 

Learn more about Microsoft Teams Direct Routing on our dedicated page and get started!

Looking for a reliable VoIP provider? Sign up at VoIPLine Telecom and get 14-Day free trial to try the best features of our Hosted PBX phone telephone solution.  

[[title=Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is Available Now with VoIPLine | Blog Article]]
[[description=Connect Microsoft Teams to VoIPLine Telecom hosted mPBX system and make or receive phone calls right via Microsoft Teams using a feature called Microsoft Teams direct routing!]]



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