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Why you should choose hosted PBX


If you are in business and you need phone calls to communicate with your customers, then you should already use VoIP. But if you are still using an analogue telephone system or just planning to open a business, here are the main advantages of VoIP for a business, especially a small one:

1) Cost - VoIP allows you to save on support: no need to spend money on supporting analogue systems — VoIP uses the Internet to work, and not a separate unique system. In the analogue system for each call, you need to use a different channel, but you can’t buy them one at a time, but only 23 at a time! If you need to make 24 simultaneous calls, you will need to buy 46 channels - this is an obvious over-payment. When using VoIP, you pay only for what you use: you need ten users, then you buy ten; Need more - buy more, no limits. And if you need to remove someone and not pay, then this can also be done without problems. In addition to this: supporting the old systems is quite complicated and requires additional specialists who need to pay a salary. In the case of VoIP, the whole system is intuitively clear even to the most unpretentious users, because it was initially designed for ordinary people.

2) Business expansion. As mentioned above - in the analogue system, you can use only 23 channels and can be expanded only on 23 channels - physically! You must have physical lines to your office, and if you are moving? Everything is busy and a lot of wasted time. With VoIP, you can grow from a small start-up to a large company, and at the same time, upgrade your VoIP phone system without any headaches and high costs.

3) Additional features. What is not on older analogue systems is a function. And there are no boundaries: after all, it all depends on programming. You can connect call recording, call filtering, voice menu, call depending on time, call performance reports and much more!

You get not just the ability to call around the world at affordable prices; you get a full-fledged platform that will allow businesses not to think about calls and their support, but to concentrate on business and increase efficiency. 

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[[title=Why you should choose hosted PBX | VoIPLine Telecom New Zealand]]
[[description=If you are still using an analogue telephone system or just planning to open a business, here are the main advantages of the hosted PBX (VoIP) for a business.]]



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