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Navigating the New Norm


Like many industries, COVID-19 has impacted the way VoIPLine Telecom operates. Internally, our team has adapted tremendously over the last 7 months during Melbourne’s lockdowns. During this time, our team has expanded, welcoming 5 new starters, two of which have been trained 100% remotely. Our employees receive extensive training in many aspects of the business, ensuring they are fully equipped to succeed in their roles.


We also support the well- being of our employees through fun team activities such as fitness sessions, group challenges and weekly check-ins and we believe the support and guidance we provide our team during these difficult times are crucial.


So, what changes are happening with VoIPLine Telecom?


Thankfully, Melbourne restrictions have lifted and we are looking forward to reuniting face-to-face with the team in our brand-new office space. On the other hand, our UK office is now undergoing lockdown restrictions. With our teams set for working from home environment. Operations across our company are seamless where staff are working in the office or remotely thanks to Microsoft Teams.


MS Teams is turning out to be one of the most used collaboration tools for office employees to keep working effectively while at home. Here at VoIPLine Telecom, we offer MS Teams and other applications to our customers to provide you with the tools needed to adapt to the new normal of working from home.


The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown may be seen as something of a step-change in how we interact with each other. Most companies five year plans to migrate to unified communications platforms have been crammed in as little as 5 months. We will remember it as the time where we all had to really embrace digital solutions to hold on to our sense of normality and carry on with our jobs where possible.


Feel free to check out our website to learn more -


Keep an eye on this space, VoIPLine is introducing a new product set of APIs’ that will allow custom CRM integration.

[[title=Navigating the New Norm]]
[[description=MS Teams is turning out to be one of the most used collaboration tools for office employees to keep working effectively while at home.]]



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