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1.8.5 Update

  • If you have an ACTIVE status and your DIDs are not having emergency addresses, you will get a pop-up with a request to configure emergency addresses during the next log in to the customer portal.


If some numbers don't have an emergency address, you will be offered to set it up on the next login

  • Now User object in PBX with activated outbound call recording has a special symbol inside the object.


User object has an outbound call recording indicator

  • Supervising feature updated. When it's activated within the User object, it has a full description of how this feature works.


Description of a supervising feature inside User object settings

  • Now phonebooks have a special URL for Zoiper softphone. It allows syncing to the PBX phonebook with Zoiper automatically. Note: works only for Zoiper Pro for PC.


Zoiper phonebook link

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