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1.8.4 Update

Channel partner

  • A new type of margin added: suspension and overdue. This can be found in: Settings tab > Suspension and overdue.


Suspension and overdue settings can be seen here

Whitelabel partner

  • Whitelabel partners are now collecting 100% of commissions for suspension and overdue fees.
  • Suspension and overdue settings added. Settings tab > Suspension and overdue.


Manage suspension and overdue settings

Wholesale voice

  • New setting added for prohibited PAI prefixes. Entered prefixes in settings will be replaced with default PAI. Can be found in Settings tab > Global configuration > agi-conf1 > Prohibited PAI prefixes.


  • Added ability to activate 'SMS to Email' feature for required DID groups. Can be found in Inbound DIDs tab > DID groups > SMS receiving column.


Activate SMS receiving for a selected DID group

  • Added emails to DID can be found in the Inbound DIDs tab > choose a number > Emails for SMS column.


Column with email for SMS for a specific number

  • Admins can now export all numbers to submit them to emergency address regulation (e.g. IPND in Australia). Can be found in: Settings tab > Global configuration > Emergency-services > Export emergency addresses button.


Export all numbers with emergency addresses to submit them to regulations bodies

  • Partner/reseller settings are now assembled in one place. Admin billing > Settings tab > Reseller defaults.


All reseller settings are in one place

  • New types of margins added for reseller partners: suspension and overdue. Admin billing > Reseller partners tab > Details.


Setup suspension and overdue margin for each reseller

  • Added new default partner account settings. Admin billing > Settings tab > Reseller defaults > Partner new account defaults.


You can define default settings for new reseller accounts

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