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How do I investigate SPAM/SCAM calls?


At the end of this article, you will be able to investigate and contact the end-user to gain an indication of the legitimacy of calls and consent for contact if the calls are 'cold called'. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact a higher level of support. 

Reported DID Number

If a DID number has been reported several times as suspicious on ACMA, you might be notified to investigate the customer's calls and verify if they are legit. Once notified, the partner has a 1-business day to start the investigation and avoid the customer's account suspension. The notification is usually sent via email from the support team to the partner's registered email address. 

How to investigate a suspicious call?

In order to identify if a call is legit, the following steps should be taken during the investigation of the suspicious number:

  1. Search the DID number on Reverse Australia or similar websites to look for complaints.
  2. Check the call logs made from the specified DID number on the reports tab in the portal.
  3. Google the number and check if it is related to the company's website or services.
  4. Dial the number to evaluate how it is answered.

Scam/Spam evidence

  • High confidence of scam callsA lot of complaints about the DID number on number lookup websites or the call is diverted to an IVR when calling back.
  • Low evidence of scam calls: No complaints registered on number lookup websites, but when calling back the number seems to be disconnected or it is redirected to a voicemail.


To avoid the account's suspension or interruption of VoIP services, the partner should contact the customer within 3 business days and collect evidence that the call is legit. For that, it should be provided call recordings or any documents that prove the calls have been used for legitimate telemarketing/surveys purposes.


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