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Configuring Account Number and Account Status parameters for HubSpot

Where to configure HubSpot contact parameters

To send HubSpot information about customer account numbers and account statuses - you must create the appropriate parameters in HubSpot itself. Go to HubSpot > Settings > Objects > Contacts > Manage contact properties. 


Click on on the button Create property


Account number

Let's create an Account number parameter first. Fill in the fields with the relevant data:

  • Group: Contact information
  • Label: account_number
  • Description: VoIPcloud customer account number


When all done click Next

  • Field type: Single-line text


When all done click Create

Account Status

Then do the same, but only for the Account Status parameter:

  • Group: Contact information
  • Label: account_status
  • Description: VoIPcloud customer account status


When all done click Next

  • Field type: Single-line text


When all done click Create

Adding new parameters to the contact information view

Go to HubSpot > Settings > Objects > Contacts > Manage contact properties > Record Customisation > Choose properties for default sidebar > Edit.


In the search field enter account_ and add two just created parameters and click Save.


These parameters will now appear in the customer view summary.


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