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Knowledge base centre

1.9.11 Update

  • The address can now be found by searching via Google Maps. The selected address will automatically be inserted into the correct fields - this makes the process much easier and avoids typographical errors.  Available during verification, when changing the address in the 'Billing' tab, as well as when adding a new emergency address in: Order services tab > Phone numbers > Emergency address management.


Search addresses easily

  • The SIP Trunk object now has an additional alternative call path called 'Timeout'. If the SIP trunk is not connected, the lines are fully busy or the call is dropped, it is sent by 'Failed' path. If no one answers the call, it is sent by 'Timeout' path.


New 'Timeout' path for the SIP trunk object

  • Design of email notifications for incoming and outgoing call recordings, voicemail, fax to email, call flow control and callback notification was updated to make it more clean and pleasant.


More clean look for PBX email notifications

  • Receipts were re-designed.


New receipts design

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