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How do I use my own domain (FQDN)?


A domain is the name of a website - it makes it very easy to find a website on the internet. By default, we use a special domain for Whitelabel Partners — you and your customers can see it in the address bar of your browser.

The good news is that you can change it to your own domain. For example, you already have your own website called and you would like to use the same domain for the customer portal. You could use a sub-domain for this, such as — that way your customers will see that the customer portal belongs to your company.

How to add your own domain

1. Open: My account tab > My details > Customer portal FQDN


A special field to add your own domain (FQDN)

2. Go to the settings of the domain you already own. If you don't have a domain name you want to use — you need to buy it from any hosting provider you'd like. Once done, find the DNS management/preferences/settings of your domain. 


Example of the domain settings

3. In DNS settings you need to add an A-record:

  • Name — it's used for sub-domain. If your primary domain name is and, for example, you'll use voip as a name for A-record — your final sub-domain will be
  • Type — A
  • TTL — 3600
  • Target/Value/IP:
    • —
    • —
    • —


In our example, we use as a primary domain and voipcloud as a name for an A-record. So the final sub-domain will be

4. Enter the sub-domain into Customer portal FQDN field like shown on the screenshot and press Apply FQDN button. If everything was done correctly, you'll see a successful pop-up. If you'll see a failed message — wait a bit. I can take some time for the domain name to update its A-record.


Enter sub-domain without https: and www — just a sub-domain like shown on the screenshot

5. Please note: it can take up to 10 minutes for the changes to be applied. After that you can use the domain name you've just added to access the reseller portal and your customers can use it to access the customer portal. 


Reseller portal with the new domain


Customer portal with the new domain

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