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Filtering Calls based on Prefix and/or Location


Geo Routing allows you to filter the calls based on the prefix and/or geographic locations (MoLI)

Configuring Geo-Routing

Firstly, head to your PBX tab to drag and drop Geo-Routing. Once Geo Routing is added to PBX, head to its settings


In the settings, enter the name for Routing, and enter the prefix you would like GEO-Routing to sort by. The more numbers you input, the more specific the routing will be. For example, 61 will filter through all of Australia, while 617 will filter through just Queensland. After you added your desired prefixes, click the "Save" button.


Finally, connect the GEO-Routing in the call flow, and click "Apply Configuration" to save your new set-upd8jLglBUi2.png

Configuring location-based routing (MoLI)

MoLI routing allows you to route mobile numbers based on the physical location of the caller. Please note that it works only for mobile phone numbers

To use this feature, you will first need to contact our team, so we can enable it for you. When enabled, go to your GEO-Routing settings, and tick the locations you want to apply. You can expand the states by clicking the arrow next to them, to select specific regions in the state. Once done, click "Save"


Don't forget to apply your configuration to start using your new set-up.



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