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Protecting your Account Information with Multi-factor Authentication


VoIPcloud has introduced extra security measures that are mandatory including multi-factor authentication on all of our portals and multi-factor authentication for customer interactions that the Communications Alliance defines as high-risk.

These extra security measures are part of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) Telecommunications Service Provider (Customer Identity Authentication) determination.


Multi-Factor authentication explained

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) uses two or more security measures to increase protections against data theft, financial theft, identity theft, and, unauthorised account and service access.


Authentication process

When you log into our customer portals, contact us or we contact you about something that affects your private information and security we will use MFA to authenticate your identity.

When logging into our customer portal you will use a username, password and MFA code. Your MFA code will be generated by an authenticator mobile application.

When interacting with us via phone or chat we'll ask you for three ID points linked to your account e.g.

  • First name and last name
  • Your portal account number
  • Service address
  • Contact phone number
  • Administrator email address
  • Current balance
  • Last invoice amount

If your request is not classified by ACMA as high-risk, were ready to talk.

Certain topics require extra security measures and are classified by ACMA as high-risk. The following customer requests have an additional security measure and require an MFA code:

  • Requests where the customer can lose access to their service
  • Your personal information
  • Change of ownership, or account administrator
  • New service or product purchases
  • Transfer from pre-paid to post-paid service
  • Blocking or activating additional service coverage e.g. overseas destinations

To complete the authentication process for a high-risk transaction we will email you a code, then you will need to quote the code to our team and we are ready to chat.


If you suspect your service has been subjected to fraud

Report the activity immediately to us and your financial services provider.



How to update MFA account settings
See our Managing MFA on your account article.


I have authorised access to another person on my account; how will this work?
Your authority will not be impacted; however, you still will receive the code if contact is made with our staff.

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