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Knowledge base centre



After reading this article you will be able to find and purchase equipment based on the needs of your business.



The Equipment tab is where users can purchase hardware depending on their requirements.

There is a range of different hardware available such as IP Phones either corded or cordless with different capabilities, Headsets, PoE ports and adapters are some of what there is on offer.

You are able to filter and sort through the range of equipment by clicking on the drop downs to find your desired hardware.



By selecting the icon at the end each piece of equipment will display an external data sheet that outlines the key features and capabilities to help aid in deciding what hardware is best for you.



Once you have selected the equipment you would like to purchase it will be shown in the “Order Summary” with the associated price. To confirm the order, you will need to complete the Only purchased by agreeing to the service terms and conditions. After the tick box has been selected you can submit the order.


A quick search will help you find answers, to most of the FAQ's.
If you are unable to a find solution from the knowledge base centre, please contact
your service provider for technical assistance.