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Activating Tall Emu CRM integration

Tall Emu CRM has direct integration with PBX, thanks to which during incoming or outgoing calls in 'Tall Emu CTI Client' you can view information about the customer: name, lifecycle stage, as well as open tickets, quotes, opportunities, sales, invoices, etc with links to each of those items.

How to activate integration

1. Contact Tall Emu support and ask for the DATABASE GUID.

2. Once you have your DATABASE GUID, go to: Integrations tab > Webhooks > create a new webhook endpoint.

3. In the URL field insert the following address, where use your DATABASE GUID instead of {target DB GUID}:{target DB GUID}

4. Next, activate the following webhook triggers and save.

  • User inbound call
  • User inbound call answered
  • User inbound call completion
  • User outbound call
  • User outbound call answered
  • User inbound call completion


5. Inside Tall Emu CRM, go to: Admin > Integrations > find 'VoIPline'

  • Activate the integration and add extensions.
  • In the extensions, add information about your PBX users: device name, user's internal number and user's name. 


  • Download the 'Tall Emu CTI Client' for Windows and log in using the Tall Emu username and password.
  • In the' Tall Emu CTI Client' you will have features such as click-to-call, as well as a pop-up on incoming calls with caller information.

More information on how to configure this integration in the Tall Emu CRM can be found here: 

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