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Access Rights Breakdown


After reading this article you will have a better understanding on what each access rights option allows when creating/editing an Administrator. The following items can be shown or hidden;


The following side tabs are able to be selected/deselected within the Billing tab;

Home - Main display landing page, ability to see basic data and navigate to other pages.

Account Details - Access to see primary account holder details, all active subscriptions, and ability to add and remove account administrators.

Usage History - View charges and payments to the account from selected time periods.

Bills and Payments - Access to make payments, add/remove payment options including auto top up, view & download invoices.

Referrals - Used to refer new customers to VoIPLine, and to view earnings from referrals.

Call Rate Search - Search and download call plans and destination call rates if required.

Order Services

This tab covers all services for your account, and anyone who has access can add/delete subscriptions. Additional to the subscriptions used in the PBX call flow, this tab also has access to Number Porting, Equipment, Voice Artist Ordering & NBN.


This access, gives an administrator ability to view and edit the call flow for your business.


The reports tab gives an administrator the access to see call details. Each tab has a different function and can be downloaded in csv or pdf format. The following reports are able to be selected/deselected;

Overview - Basic overview for selected time period, total calls inbound/outbound

Call History - A more thorough breakdown of each call inbound/outbound, including duration and which User made/received the call.

Monthly Call Volume - 6 monthly breakdown of call data, for comparison.

User Statistics - Break down per User for time period.

Queue Statistics - Break down per Queue showing total calls, and abandoned/timed-out calls

Ring Group Statistics - Break down per Ring Group showing total calls, and abandoned/timed-out calls


Integrations such as CRM's API's and Webhooks get managed from this tab, they do require the license which when activating will navigate to the order services tab.


From here, an administrator can see Network Status, and can view and respond to any support tickets that have been created with the VoIPLine support team.



A quick search will help you find answers, to most of the FAQ's.
If you are unable to a find solution from the knowledge base centre, please contact
your service provider for technical assistance.