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How do I submit a number porting application?

Please note that the form you fill in on the customer or reseller portal is called a few different things such as PAF (Porting Application Form for AUS) or a CLoA (Customer Letter of Authorisation for UK) depending on the country you are trying to submit from.

Its function is the same - It provides authorization to port numbers from the losing provider to VoIPcloud along with the required information to facilitate the port.

Number porting applications are created and submitted from within the "Number Porting" (ref. 1.) tab on your reseller portal.

Click the "Add" (ref. 3.) button and fill in the form.

Important: A number cannot be ported if the service is not active on the losing provider's side.

Note: Please ensure that the information regarding the "Current Service Provider" is correct as it may result in a rejection.

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