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Part 1 - What are the differences between each box under my account?

Understanding how the Whitelabel Partner billing portal works is not as easy as it looks, each individual box will contain a figure, and where that figure comes from is determined by several factors, whether it is a formula or a total amount.

My Account

Total Balance

The Total Balance will be the accumulated sum of all the values from the Reseller Balance to Security Deposits. If the Total Balance is $0.00 or negative, the system will cut off the service to all customer accounts. All Whitelabel Partners must be in a prepaid billing method.

Reseller Balance

The Reseller Balance is the funds that the reseller has in the system, it is their own allocated funds. The figure within the balance will go up when the reseller makes deposits, and it will go down when the customers make payments.

It will go down because the customer is paying the reseller partner via their own payment gateway and not VoIPcloud, a reseller partner has options to use either Stripe, SecurePay, GoCardless, Direct Debit or PayPal.

Positive = Reseller makes payment
Negative = Customer makes payment

The reason why VoIPcloud does this is because we are the carrier of the Whitelabel Partner, they are independent in the eyes of the customer, therefore, are the barrier between VoIPcloud and the customers. They are in control of where funds are allocated, and not VoIPcloud.

Pending Balance

The Pending Balance is the commission earnt from whenever a customer pays, i.e. monthly subscribed services, call rates, invoices, etc. This is dependent on the margins set by the reseller, the funds from the Pending Balance are transferred to the Reseller Balance every 24 hours.

Within the Account Balance tab under the customer (ref. 4.), two variables are defined.

Commission transferred to your account and available = Reseller Balance

Commission that are pending to be transferred = Pending Balance

The system allocates the reseller margin from each transaction to the Pending Balance, this can also be determined within the Services tab. For example, the Margins (ref. 5.) within MPBX Services (ref. 2.) are earned on the billing Execution Rule (ref. 6.).

The reason why margins are initially allocated to the Pending Balance instead of the Reseller Balance is to dispute any incorrect funds that are currently pending.

Customer Accounts

The Customer Accounts value is the accumulated amount of all the active customer account balances within the Whitelabel Partner portal. If the customer's billing method is prepaid, it will be positive, but if they are postpaid, the customers will have a Credit Limit applied, and the majority of the time, it will be negative.

Prepaid = Negative

Postpaid = Positive

  • Prepaid: If a customer is in a prepaid billing method, the customer's Account Balance needs to remain positive or else the system will automatically cut off services.
  • Post-paid: If a customer is in a post-paid billing method, the system will automatically generate an invoice, and the customer will have a time frame to pay off the invoice. If the invoice is overdue, the system may automatically suspend and cut off services.

Security Deposits

A Security Deposit is the padding of the Total Balance due to fluctuations in the amounts of the billing portal. As stated earlier, if the Total Balance reaches $0.00 or is negative, the system will automatically cut off services to all customer accounts. The Security Deposit is determined by a customer's average monthly cost of services and call charges, the Credit Limit is 2-3 times the Security Deposit.

The value of the Security Deposits is the sum of all security deposits taken from the customer accounts.

The reason why we utilize Security Deposits is to allow the reseller partner to have another container of funds to ensure the Total Balance is in a positive state.

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