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How do I set up my GoCardless?


In this article, you'll be able to integrate GoCardless payment functions with your billing platform. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact a higher level of support.


To set up GoCardless on the billing platform, you will need the following:

  • Partner ID
  • https://[au/uk/nz/ie/us][Partner ID]
  • GoCardless Webhook secret
  • GoCardless Token

Configuring GoCardless

1. Firstly, configure the Webhook Endpoint on the GoCardless platform. Click on the "Developers" tab from the left-side menu and configure a new Webhook Endpoint. The "ID", "Secret", and "URL" will be presented, as shown in the image below.

2. Once the Webhook Endpoint is configured, head back to the Developers' section and copy the "Access Tokens" to enter it on the VoIPcloud billing platform.

Uploading the GoCardless Access Token and Webhook Secret

3. You'll be able to add the Access Token (ref. 4.) and Webhook Secret (ref. 5.) under the GoCardless tab within the Payment Gateway Settings (ref. 3.). 

Uploading your URLs for the Mandate and Cancellation Forms

4. As a Whitelabel Partner, you will need to create your own Direct Debit application and Cancellation form. An example of our Australian Mandate form is shown below.

5. When you have your URLs for both the Direct Debit application and Cancellation forms, you can paste them into the corresponding text fields.

Adding Direct Debit to a Customer Account

6. To assign Direct Debit to an individual customer account, they must be already in a Post-paid billing method. When you select the customer account, click the Payment Accounts (ref. 4.) tab, then select "Add direct debit" (ref. 5.).

7. The GoCardless window will pop open in order for you to fill out the details regarding the customer that has been provided by your own Direct Debit Mandate form.

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