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2.0.8 Update

  • ‘Time conditions’, ‘GEO routing’ and ‘Blocklist’ PBX objects. These objects can now be copied. 
    • The object can be pasted many times and into different PBX tabs.
    • If you have changed an object of this type and when you save it, the system detects that there are objects with the same settings, you can update all objects at once or only the required ones.

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  • Now, if a phone number is displayed on the PBX object in call flow, the number can be copied with a single click. 

  • ‘Email notification’ PBX object. Added a new variable {dest_number} that will display the inbound number that the call came in on.

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  • If some user has enabled DND in the Webphone, that user will have a DND icon in the PBX call flow to make it easier to identify. 

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  • 'Queue' PBX object. It is now possible to use 'Exit code' while playing 'Announcement'.

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  • Previously, if you ordered an international number where only the prefix was available, you had to leave a request and then our team would assign you the phone number you wanted. Now this process is automated and you will receive the number immediately after ordering. 
  • 'Order services' tab > 'Voice artist' section > Voice generator by AI —  have greatly improved the quality of the audio files so that you can use these files in any other places you need. However, when uploading these files to a PBX, the quality will still be degraded due to VoIP telephony requirements.

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