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Retention Procedure for Handling Large Number of DIDs or Account Porting Away


1. The Service Delivery team monitors incoming requests and notifications related to large numbers of DIDs. 

2. The Service Delivery team identifies the affected accounts by calculating the PNV Balance and notifies the Sales Team if the PNV Balance is => 60.

Calculate the PNV Balance from the metrics listed below. 
(Subscriptions - Total buy cost + Total sale cost = PNV Balance)

  • VC Partners go to Nico
  • VPL Customers go to Liam

    Provide the following details - 
    Validation due:
    PNV Balance:
    Account Number:
    Company Name:
    Customer Name:
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:
    Ticket Number:

3. The sales team initiates the retention process.

Customer Engagement

4. The sales representative calls the customer promptly after identification.

    • If the call is not answered, send the customer an email through HubSpot.

5. The sales representative listens actively to the customer’s concerns and reasons for considering DID changes or porting away.
6. The sales representative empathetically understands the customer’s concerns and requirements.
7. Gather relevant information about the customer’s experience and issues they are facing with the current services.

Retention Offer Creation

8. Based on the customer’s feedback, the sales representative creates a tailored retention offer to address the customer’s concerns. (The retention offer may include discounts, additional features, personalised services, or any other incentives to persuade the customer to stay.)

Notification to Megan and Anton

9. After the conversation with the customer, the sales representative immediately notifies Megan and Anton about the call.

10. The notification includes details of the conversation, customer feedback, and the proposed retention offer.

Follow-up Call (if necessary)

11. If the customer requires time to consider the retention offer, a follow-up call is scheduled at the customer’s convenience.
12. During the follow-up call, the sales representative reiterates the benefits of the retention offer and addresses any additional concerns.


13. All interactions with the customer, including feedback, retention offers, and outcomes, are documented in HubSpot.

Closure and Feedback

14. Once the customer’s decision is finalised, the sales representative updates HubSpot and adds notes to the Billing portal under the account History Tab with the final status (retained or ported away).

    • If the customer is retained, the sales representative ensures seamless implementation of the offered benefits.

    • If the customer decides to port away, the sales representative respectfully closes the interaction, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Continuous Improvement

  • Megan and Anton review the outcomes and reasons for porting away regularly to identify patterns and potential areas of service improvement.

  • Feedback from these cases is used to enhance the quality of services and customer retention strategies.

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