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2.1.5 Update

  • The 'Webphone' device licence was split into two: 
    • Webphone browser
      • Required for ‘Webphone for browser’. 
      • Can only be added once per user.
      • Can be used with different browsers, but only one session at a time is allowed.
    • Webphone desktop
      • Required for Webphone apps for Windows, macOS or Linux.
      • Can be added many times to a single user.
      • If a login to the app has been made, the licence is linked with the device. To break the link, it is necessary to do 'Unlink' from the user settings in PBX.
  • Added ‘Queue callback’ to ‘Queue membership’ in the Webphone. 
  • You can now download the Webphone app for Windows, macOS or Linux directly from the 'Webphone for browser' login page.
  • Queue callback. You can now select an announcement to the agent when a call from this object is answered.
  • Queue. It is now possible to receive email notifications when abandoned or timed-out calls have occurred. 
  • Queue wallboard. New statuses for agents:
    • Agent left a queue.
    • Agent enabled DND.
  • Previously, if a report was sent only by mail, only administrators could be selected as recipients. Now it is possible to add any email address as a recipient.
  • It is now possible to assign different reports to different administrators in daily reporting.

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