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2.0.8 Update

Wholesale voice

  • ‘Customers’ tab > select a customer:
    • Changed the location of settings in the 'Details' tab, for more convenient usage.
    • Added the 'Open reseller details' button to go to the details of the reseller to which the customiser account is attached.
    • 'Payment' settings from the 'Details' tab have been moved to the 'Payments' tab.
    • 'Read important history information' setting from the 'Details' tab has been moved to the 'History' tab.
    • 'Restore deleted' button has been removed due to implicit operation. Now, to restore a deleted customer account, you need to manually set a new 'Status': trial or active.
    • The layout of tabs has been changed to make it easier to use on small screens.
  • ‘Settings’ tab > ‘Global configuration’ section > ASR monitoring — complete update of the spammer detection mechanism. It’s required to set the number of outbound calls to check a customer, as well as the required minimum ASR and minimum required average outbound call duration. 
    • In any case, the system will check all customers every hour and then the outbound call counter will be reset to zero. Therefore, it is recommended to set asr_calls_count_to_trigger value so that it is not too small (to avoid checking too often), but not too large, because there will be hourly checking anyway. 
    • If a customer was caught in an ASR violation, a low_asr_notification_partner notification will be sent. If a violation of the minimum required outbound call duration was found, a low_asr_average_duration_notification will be sent.
      • If a customer violates two rules at once, only an ASR notification will be sent.
    • To block a customer from making outbound calls: 'Customers' tab > select a customer > Details > Outbound calls blocked (low ASR) > Block
  • ‘Inbound DIDs’ tab > ‘DID groups’ section — added a new ‘Area-SZU’ column.
  • ‘Reseller partners’ tab > select a partner > Administrators — it is now possible to verify the administrator if support is required. 
  • ‘Settings’ tab > ‘Reseller defaults’ section — completely updated the layout of the settings to match those in: 'Reseller partners' tab > select a reseller > Settings.
  • ‘Settings’ tab > Administrators > select an admin > Roles — new item 'Advanced customer management'. It allows an admin to:
    • Change a customer's account creation date. 
    • Change a customer's account manager. 
  • 'Settings' tab > 'Global configuration' section > signup — new setting 'Block calls for non-verified customers', which allows you to block calls for non-verified customers. If blocking is enabled, only internal calls to internal numbers will work. 
    • This setting is implemented as a preparation for a change in the customer verification process. It is recommended not to enable it at this time. 
  • PBX admin. New 'Statistics' tab — all sections from 'Settings' that have any call statistics have been moved there. 

Channel partner

  • Stability improvements, small and internal changes.

Whitelabel partner

  • Stability improvements, small and internal changes.

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