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Webphone Troubleshooting


Cannot Create a Webphone (Warning of exceeding SIP devices Limit)

Problem:        I cannot create a new Webphone

Cause:            Not enough SIP devices on the account

Solution:        Purchase or free up an additional SIP device


Blue Screen Showing User doesn't have any free Webphone Devices

Problem:       I cannot use Webphone

Cause:           User may not have a License, or may have the wrong Webphone License (We have Desktop and Browser versions separate)

Solution:       Check to ensure the right license is given to the User


Short Beeps and the call is cancelled when dialing out

Problem:        I cannot make an outbound calls

Cause:            Webphone does not have access to Microphone

Solution:        Allow webphone access to Microphone via browser.

If pop up for access comes up click, allow

No notification of incoming calls

Problem:        I get no desktop notification when I am getting a call

Cause:            Webphone does not have access to Notifications

Solution:        Allow Webphone access to notifications via the browser

If pop up for access comes up, click allow

This can also could be triggered by an option in the settings

Calls are not reaching the Webphone

Problem:       Calls are not reaching the Webphone User

Cause:           Webphone is in Do Not Disturb or Call Flow issues

Solution:      Disable Do not disturb in the Webphone or review call flow

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