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Group Call Pickup


At the end of this article, you will be able to pick up a call from another device configured in the same pickup group. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support department.


Configuring a pickup group

The pickup group is a feature which allows you to pick up a call from another SIP device by dialling a predefined number. To configure, log into your customer portal, click on the PBX tab. Then select settings located on the bottom-left corner and click on the pickup groups tab. Next, rename the group, define an internal number and add your required devices. Lastly, save and apply the new configuration.




To initiate a call pickup from a group, dial the internal number assigned to the group from any of the associated devices. Alternatively, you can configure a speed dial from the DSS keys on your handset. Section 'Adding direct station selection (DSS) keys' of the following link will provide assistance with configuring a DSS key. 




How to use a group call pickup 


This scenario simulates a reception desk within a company. The main number is connected directly to reception and then the call is transferred according to the customer's requirements. Throughout the day, the receptionist will be unable to answer incoming calls. So, John and Mary wish to intercept these calls from their phones.




A group call pickup has been created to include John, Mary and the receptionist devices. From now on, when they hear the reception phone ringing and notice the receptionist is unavailable to attend the call, both John and Mary can pick up the call, by dialling 1006, as shown in the image below.




Watch this in action 


The video below will show you a visual representation of the areas covered throughout this knowledge base guide.


gif.gif [[title=Group Call Pickup]]
[[description=The pickup group is a feature which allows you to pick up a call remotely from another SIP device by dialling a predefined number.]]

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